Monday, January 18, 2010

Belated wargames #4

I'm slowly catching up to myself... maybe. We had one last wargames before the christmas holidays. Mum got time off work to bring me back to Eve's. I was a little bit worried when I turned up there because there were only Eve's horses and Anna's horses, but fortunately more people turned up later! In the meantime mum put me in with some of Eve's horses and Autumn - they weren't very nice to me :( But I'm starting to learn to stick up for myself! Really, all I wanted them to do was leave me alone so I could EAT!
As more people began to show up, mum got me out of the paddock and saddled me up. We didn't have any swords this time, so we used Anna's spears instead, and Mum also had T's shield which she has been using to get me used to it. We rode past the shield, hitting it with the spears, but despite all mum's work, I still didn't really want to get close to it - they also rode us past the cones in patterns, and sometimes our silly riders would try to pick up imaginary things with the spears - they looked kinda silly!
To help me get over my shield phobia, Mum had me walking into Anna as she backed away, with the shield in front of her, until I touched it with nose - then they both praised me - I liked the attention, and I must admit it made the shield a lot less scary. In fact the next time I walked up to the shield at home I tried to nibble it just to see if it was edible, seeing as it wasn't anywhere near as scary as it had been!
We also did a lot more riding in formation, I'm learning to deal with having other horses come up close to me and ride beside me. I do however have a tendency to fall apart at the canter - it's just soooo much fun and I want to run and run and run!! Whoever said Haflingers were lazy? I would much prefer to EAT, but then the second best thing is running!!
It was a lot of fun, and it is a shame that we now have to take a holiday from the wargames for the christmas and new year holiday, but hopefully we'll do more in no time :)

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