Friday, December 4, 2009

Belated wargames #3

Hi all, it's been a while since the last post and in fact since the last wargames - has something to do with the fact that mum has been running around a lot doing stuff, and also keeping me busy. In fact Tuesday we had a practice day doing Steve Brady stuff (Mum played a cruel trick on me by changing my bit so I can't do all the little naughty things I have been getting away with in my old bit), and then on Wednesday the Demon Dentist and Vampire Vet came out. Well they aren't really that bad, but having that file rasping against your teeth does make your head feel rather funny, and the Vet also takes my blood every time - though at least this time he didn't pull my hair out (for a DNA test mum said it was). However him and mum were talking about getting rid of my Cindy Crawford beauty mark. At least mum said no to injections and operations for now, but then they were talking about putting marmite or lipstick on it. Hmmmm. I might not be pretty without my beauty mark... who I am I kidding, I'll always be pretty :D
Oops, I got a bit sidetracked there, now back to the wargames from last Sunday. The truck was all fixed up by Sunday, so in the morning Mum loaded me into the truck and we headed back to Eve and Matt's for another wargames practice. When mum was saddling me up she put this fancy thing on me - apparently it is called a caparison, and it made me look even prettier than normal. As you can see from my picture though, it is a shame that mum isn't spending any effort on her costume - those daggy tracksuit pants certainly detract from my brilliance.
For the morning session, we horses ended up riding around in formation - it was fun trying to keep up with everyone else, especially when I was on the outside with my shorter legs. I know Murph used to chase me away, but now I feel like he is my only friend here - at least I have one I guess - I feel safe close to him, unless Matt isn't paying attention and Murph reaches around to take a bite out of me - hmpf.
We all tried walking, trotting and cantering in unison, and some backing and lateral work as well - wheee, it was fun.
In the meantime the ground crew practiced their sword skills over in the corner - as long as mum doesn't make me ride too close, I can ignore the sounds now - unless it appears one of them is coming towards me - that still startles me every now and then!
We had a little bit of a break after this, and mum took off my caparison - it was getting rather hot under there - and she was muttering something under her breath about not being very good at sewing and needing to do more work on it. It did look pretty though.
In the afternoon, we had to ride round people with spears and shields and swords and big axes. Our riders were collecting swords off the ground people, hitting others on the shields and giving swords back to ground staff - mum ended up cheating, using her whip as a sword - but at least when she is holding it that way she can't use it on me... I think. I even got to give a ride to a proper knight - he had a tabard and sword even, unlike mum in her tracksuit pants and tshirt. Though he was so little I hardly even knew he was there!
We didn't get to do a charge, but still it was another great day for a warhorse in training (W.H.I.T). Thats me, I'm a WHIT and a wit :D

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