Saturday, November 7, 2009

DIY warhorse practice

Well, mum's finished work for the shift, so I guess she decided it was time for me to do some work... how inconsiderate.
It was weird though. First off her dad came out and hammered something into the ground in the paddock that us girls have been using. After a little bit my mum came out and started putting poles on the ground in funny patterns, and got out these big orange cones and put them all over the place, and hung one of those round shield thingy's on the post that had been hammered into the ground.
Then mum came and got me and saddled me up - after a good brush to get rid of my loose coat. I just can't get rid of it! After my brush there wasn't as much chestnut 'snow' lying on the ground like there has been though.
When mum was up in the saddle she was riding one handed again - I could tell, but she didn't have anything else in the hand that she wasn't using, so sometimes she cheated and used two - it wasn't fair, I couldn't get away with any of the mischief I had planned *sob*
She had me doing all these patterns between the poles and going around cones at walk, trot and canter, and then she would stop and back up. She kept telling me what a good girl I was :)
Then I walked up to the tall thing with the shield hanging on it, and I had to stop beside it while mum hit it with her hand - that wasn't too bad. Then she went and picked up a stick (this certainly wasn't a sword, just a stick) and she would ride past the shield at walk and trot and hit the shield, or she would get me to stop beside it while she hit it. Then she had me riding round the outside of the paddock while she hit the fenceposts with the stick - I didn't mind that, but I did jump a little when the stick made the fence go twang, but after a bit even that didn't bother me.
She kept mixing it up too, some one handed, some two handed work - loose rein, with contact, turn on the forehand, turn on the haunches, shoulder in. I never knew what was coming next, but it was certainly fun!
The other girls were out on the grass verge, but I don't think they were eating much of my GRASS I think they were watching and being very impressed by my brilliance don't you think.
After mum finished the serious work, she decided I could help her tidy up - hmpf - that's her job isn't it?!? Apparently not, because she would ride me over to one of the big orange cones and pick it up and make me carry it and her over to the fence. I'm very helpful though, and in no time all the cones were lined up along the fence, and then mum could go and give me a wash and let me out into the paddock where I can go and eat some GRASS with the girls. Now where's my DINNER?!

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