Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hi, I'm Lee

Hi there, my name is Lee and I am a 9 year old Haflinger mare, living just out of Auckland NZ. My mum/owner/slave imported me into NZ from Australia when I was just one, and since then, I've been living with my pals Tammy (an anglo arab mare), Trillium (a stationbred mare) and the most recent addition, Oolala (a mean ass grumpy Haflinger mare).
Since my mum started riding me, I've done fun things like going trekking in the hills around KatiKati, Steve Brady Horsemanship clinics (I enjoy showing up those larger horses - and the response from people even when I do something norty err I mean bad is really funny). I've been riding through the forest with my pal Tammy and another grumpy haflinger, Rose D'Amour (I think she's only grumpy when I'm around though - don't think she likes me too much - must be cos I'm so cute :D ). I've had a dressage lesson and also been ridden in an arena with my mate Restless (another Haflinger) and Rose. I've been out to some ribbon days as well, but mostly mum and I have fun at home. Sometimes people come over and ride me which is fun - but the day I gave pony rides was kinda frustrating. Each time I got back to the fence thinking we were finished, someone else would climb on my back... if I could have rolled my eyes at mum I would have! I also go to the North Island All Breeds In Hand Horse Show every year. Thats kinda fun going and seeing all of the haflingers again - though Lorelei and Rianna don't come any more. They came over on the boat with me from Australia, but I haven't seen them for ages... my mum tells me they have gone down to some place called the South Island... I don't know where that is - sounds cold though - we came southish from Australia and it is much colder here than back home in the Hunter Valley, so I guess a place called the South Island must be even colder still.
My mum's latest idea of fun is turning me into a war horse, so I've decided to sneak up here and provide you all with the details. I must admit the first day was fun - especially seeing what mischiff err trouble I could get away with when mum had her hands full with this wooden thing that is apparently called a sword. So now you know about me, my next blogs (next time I can sneak up the stairs onto mum's computer) is about my effort to become a warhorse :)

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